About Carpentry Plus

Carpentry Plus has developed a track record of high performance through collaboration in the design and building of heavy timber and mass timber structures. Our team’s first-hand experience lends perspective to ensure each project fulfills its target objectives. We bring a series of best practices for common mass timber building elements as well as creative problem solving for new and unique challenges. We can come to the table in a design assist role or through delegated design of the mass timber structure in partnership with Stonewood Structural Engineers.

We believe value goes far beyond dollars and cents. Our approach to design and value engineering ensures that project resources can be devoted to the successful achievement of the most critical, unique, and challenging aspects of each mass timber project by:

  • Applying the best practices and approaches
  • Maximizing the mass timber materials
  • Minimizing or eliminating design overlap 
  • Identifying opportunities for pre-fabrication 
  • Mitigating or eliminating changes during fabrication and construction
  • Expanding knowledge and resources throughout the team 
  • Identifying opportunities for design enhancements

Whether you are looking for a partner in design, supply, build, or all the above, we are excited to discuss your next mass timber project with you.

Our Mission

To unleash the full potential of mass timber construction to the benefit of owners, communities, and the world one project at a time.

Our History

Carpentry Plus was founded in 1993 by the Brotnov family with the desire to create unique and extraordinary spaces that enrich the Pacific Northwest. We believe the aesthetic of well-built, beautiful structures elevate the wellbeing of the community. Today, our dedicated team caries this legacy to push the boundaries of mass timber through each of our design-build, design-assist projects.

In 2021, the outstanding grit and performance of Carpentry Plus received national attention in an award winning Engineering News-Record Article.

Our Team

Mass timber reaches its capacities by orienting the strengths of many members into a far greater whole. At Carpentry Plus, Inc. we draw inspiration from this. Our team of skilled leaders, employees, and business partners form a strong collaborative partner for our client’s projects. We have found this partnership allows us to break down the complexities of mass timber to provide predictable results, lower costs, and safer construction.

The CPI team of employees and industry partners have the experience necessary to build the envelope-pushing wood structures of tomorrow.

Russ Brotnov


Russ provides CPI with deep knowledge of the timber construction industry that comes from 30 years of hands-on lessons learned. His experience and creativity produce an ability to contribute valuable insight into the design, supply, and building of a diversity of mass timber structures.

Jason Fehlman

CFO and Superintendent

Drawing from his 20 years’ experience with CPI and the construction industry, Jason leads all on-site construction operations. He also is a co-owner of CPI which provides him the opportunity to support our projects in a variety of ways.

David Rau


Being rooted in the Lean/Agile philosophy, David uses his over 16 years manufacturing and operations background to unite our pre-construction and construction teams toward your successful project.

Levi Brotnov

Foreman and Quality Assurance Manager

Levi has over 25 Years’ experience with CPI and the construction industry. Over the past 10 years, Levi has served the role of safety officer, quality assurance, and project management roles.

Tim Hanson

Project Manager

Tim brings to our projects over five years of construction project management experience. He oversees the pre-construction management of our projects by employing his detail-oriented approach to ensuring your project is completed on time.

Brooke Shadburne

CADworks Modeler and Estimator

With a background in 3D modelling, Brooke is CPI’s go-to for all things related to our project’s plans and estimation support process.

Jon Potter

Project Development Manager

Jon’s background as a structural engineer and his experience working for a CLT manufacturer have provided hm with the skills and industry knowledge to assist our customers through the early design and supply decisions that make mass timber projects successful.

Josh Morton

Project Manager

Josh brings eight years of project management experience in a wide array of market sectors. Josh fosters a wealth of pre-construction knowledge and attributes the success of mass timber projects from a collaborative and collective team approach with all stakeholders involved.

Daniel Depoe

Lead Detailer

Daniel’s work for the past 10+ years in the mass timber industry ranges in scale from residential timber frame & log homes to the new Google HQ. Through early engagement with project partners, he ensures deliverables and expectations are clearly defined. Following this, he assists with fostering teams to build capacities for project specific modeling objectives.

Industry Partners

Stonewood Structural Engineers

Carpentry Plus, Inc. and
Stonewood Structural Engineers
are pioneers in the mass timber industry in the Pacific Northwest. Together we leverage our experiences and strengths to create greater predictability by preventing the need for re-engineering through foresight and innovative solutions. Our shared objective is to reduce overall construction time, risks, and expenses to free resources for what matters most to the project’s stakeholders.

Cut My Timber

Cut My Timber
is a leader in mass timber GLB fabrication in the pacific northwest. Carpentry Plus and Cut my timber have collaborated on many projects and built a relationship on mutual trust and respect. To further this relationship and collaboration, the future home of Cut My Timber (currently under construction) will be adjacent to the Carpentry Plus Headquarters in Eagle Creek, Oregon.

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