When first observing a mass timber structure being constructed, we find individuals are stunned by the quality and precision of the prefabrication and the speed and efficiency of the build process. At Carpentry Plus, however, we have come to value the safety benefits that mass time construction provides.

Mass Timber construction helps ensure that our team and the other trades on site with us will go home safe and healthy each day through.

  • Reduced exposure to risks due to drastically shorter build times
  • The elimination of onsite processing
  • Predictability of well sequenced deliveries and the carefully planned hoisting

Carpentry Plus’s Team of Carpenters is the heartbeat of our company.  We strive to “shine a light” on every jobsite that we set foot on.  We do this by pursuing clarity and empathy in each interaction we have and by working diligently to highlight the safety, quality and efficiency of the mass timber build process.  


Our collaborative design team approach, in conjunction with our pre-construction team and supplier team working together, allows our construction team to reliably achieve an installation rate in excess of 15,000 sq. ft. per week of CLT and GLB structure with safety, quality, and diligence.

Problem Solving:

It is not the absence of challenges that makes a team successful. Despite every effort to prevent issues, every projects will experience problems and setbacks. What sets the team at Carpentry Plus apart is our ability to creatively and collaboratively approach problems and find solutions that meet the needs of all stakeholders.

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