Micron Technology Building


Status: Completed 2023

CPI was brought in at the last minute to this project to erect the mass timber portion of the admin building. Our crew was up for the challenge, and we were able to mobilize in Virginia just weeks after the award to start the build process. On-site fabrication and sequencing were critical to the build schedule, and CPI was able to help keep the project schedule moving forward by taking glulam billets from the supplier, cutting them to fit, and installing connectors on the ground. Our crew built mass timber cassettes out of beams and girders, which were then flown into place using the overhead crane. There were many instances with cantilevers and even double-cantilevers with moment connections where construction tolerances and installation precision were critical. Once the beam system and wood braces were installed, the roof was then topped out with 3-ply CLT panels shipped up from Smartlam’s Dothan, Alabama plant. Once complete, this building will house the campus cafeteria and provide a calm and relaxing space for the employees to enjoy their break with ample natural light and the exposed mass timber ceiling.

Design Team

ROLE: Supply-Install Mass Timber


HEIGHT: 2 stories

MATERIAL: CLT Panels, Glulam Beams and Columns

DEVELOPER: Micron Technology



GC: Whiting Turner

SUPPLIERS: Smartlam, Sauter and Western Wood Structure

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