Mississippi Shortstack

Renderings courtesy of Works Progress Architecture


Status: In Construction

Carpentry Plus Inc got brought on as the install partner for this project and immediately got to work helping make things more efficient. Panel layouts were coordinated, and the exterior walkways were redesigned to feature Douglas-Fir glulam over pressure-treated Hem-Fir and to conceal the connections. The end result will be a more durable, much cleaner finished look that will highlight the mass timber. The goal this developer had to was create a replicable mass timber housing model to provide more affordable housing that can be built quickly in the greater Portland area. This particular model has a courtyard in the center, surrounded by the dwelling units with exterior walkways providing access to the units. This type of housing is meant to address the “missing middle” in the development world. Mass timber was utilized for its warmth and aesthetic, and also it’s ability to be pre-fabricated offsite, allowing for speedy construction. The mass timber also plays well in the Portland area as a market differentiator, as more and more tenants appreciate the biophilic benefits of bringing the outdoors inside. Mass timber lends itself to this, as the ceilings will be strategically left exposed, showing the wood grain and featuring the structural system in an architectural way. This project is under construction and is scheduled to be topped out late Spring 2024.


Building System: Mass Timber + Innovative Light Framed Walls

Height: 4 stories

Square Footage: 16,000 sf

Building Type: Multifamily

Construction Type: III-A

Material Types: Cross Laminated Timber Panels, Glulam Beams and Columns, Panelized Walls

Design Team

GC: Owen Gabbert LLC

Architect: Works Progress Architecture

Structural Engineer: DCI Engineers

Developer: Shortstack Housing

Suppliers: Kalesnikoff

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