Excellent designs and skilled builders require timely, accurate, and appropriately sequenced material supply for the miracle of mass timber construction to be experienced. Prefabrication itself is a double-edged sword, capable of cutting significant time, energy, and cost out of the construction process. However, it can also create these same wastes and more if critical details are missed.

Mass timber materials and the amazing companies that produce them all have unique strengths and capabilities which equip them for success in different applications.

Carpentry Plus’s pre-construction team has the relationships and experience needed to create and execute a supply strategy that fits the design and construction needs of the project. Through our network of trusted suppliers, we coordinate sourcing, fabrication, and deliveries that enable world class build performance and beautiful end results.

Timber Package

An effective package involves far more than panels and beams. Custom steel connections, appropriate tolerances, fasteners, delivery sequence, assembly schematics/instructions are some of the additional elements of our complete, turn-key package.


Timeliness and sequencing of deliveries determine the effectiveness of a build effort as much as any other factor. In today’s world, lead times and delivery costs have become increasingly difficult to predict. Identifying long lead time items and proactively securing fabrication schedules are just two of the ways that Carpentry plus addresses these challenges. Additionally, our Eagle Creek facility, situated on 15 acres, provides valuable buffer space for early procurement and delivery pacing and sequencing.

In addition, we have the indoor space and equipment needed for pre-assemble of components and sub-structures that further enhance the speed and predictability of the site build.

Our procurement process is coordinated through online tools which enable us to identify risks early on as well as share real-time status visibility with project stakeholders.


In the timeline of building with wood, mass timber is a relative newcomer, but it has revolutionized building with wood. Structures constructed with wood today can be built higher and wider and come with greater fire safety than steel or concrete. Better yet, as a renewable resource that sequesters carbon dioxide, building with wood is one of the most environmentally beneficial construction methods.

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT}

CLT is a structural panel made of 3-12 layers of alternating orientations of dimensional lumber, with each layer having its grain perpendicular to the one below. By engineering panels in this way, the material becomes extremely strong and versatile, allowing greater flexibility in building geometry.

Mass Plywood Panel (MPP)

Mass plywood panels are made of individual sheets of wood veneer that are glued in many alternating layers. MPP’s advantage is that they can be easily manufactured in large quantities, and expensive materials like steel can be reduced or eliminated in the fabrication.

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